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Fresh Design for FIPSYSTEMS®

Fresh Design for FIPSYSTEMS®

FRÄNKISCHE Industrial Pipes (FIP) launches a new microsite: The clear and concise structure of enables the users to find out all they need to know about cable protection products for manifold applications.


Simple, easy-to-understand and navigate. The site leads the website visitors directly to individual categories in the blink of an eye. "Our new, user-friendly website is aimed at highlighting our comprehensive portfolio of both standardized and customized cable protection solutions for a vast variety of applications in a clear and targeted manner," says Nina Veith, Manager Market Research and Marketing at FIP. The "Products" menu provides detailed information on the FIPSYSTEMS product range, which includes standard corrugated tubes FIPLOCK®, textile protective hoses FIPJACK® as well as high-temperature corrugated conduits FIPHEAT®. High-dynamic corrugated tubes are also provided within FIPMOTION® and FIPMETAL® metal protective hoses. Specialty solutions are included in the FIPSPECIALS® range, whereas two-piece corrugated conduits with accessories and screws are part of the FIPSPLIT® product group.


Animated Sequence Illustrates Application

With just a few clicks, website visitors can gain insight into various applications of cable protection systems. Be it industry, shipbuilding or railroad/transport, chemistry and robotics, as well as the field of renewable energy – the microsite always presents the right solution coupled with its core properties. A short animated sequence illustrating various applications of FIPSYSTEMS® products is a true highlight of the homepage. Those interested in product overviews and fliers, catalogs and data sheets can find these under "Download" and "News". The "About Us" tab introduces FRÄNKISCHE Industrial Pipes as a partner for technically sophisticated tasks and as an expert in particularly demanding challenges in the realm of cable protection. Users can select between German and English.

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