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Reliable cable protection for wind turbines

Reliable cable protection for wind turbines


Extreme conditions such as wind, saltwater and UV radiation, but also abrasion and torsion forces can have serious negative impacts on cables and wires of both offshore and onshore wind turbines. High-quality FIPSYSTEMS® cable protection products by FRÄNKISCHE Industrial Pipes (FIP) provide the solution and help extend the service life of cables.


Corrugated tubing and protective hoses for sophisticated cable protection

Cable damage often occurs in wind turbines. Extreme weather and permanent stress can easily cause short circuits and expensive outages. This leads to frequent repair and maintenance work. Reliable cable protection products can prevent or reduce many defects.


FIPSYSTEMS® cable protection products by FRÄNKISCHE Industrial Pipes have been designed with these needs in mind. The product range includes high-quality and robust cable protection products from the FIPLOCK® product line for outdoor applications characterized by high UV and saltwater resistance.

FIPLOCK® corrugated cable protection tubing can also effectively protect cables and wires in the machine room or tower against abrasion and other mechanical influences. The corrugated tubing also features excellent fire protection characteristics.


Retrofit installations are a breeze thanks to the resealable FIPSPLIT® solution. The sides of the sealable twin-wall pipe overlap, seal inserted cables and wires effectively and protect them against outside influences. This allows easy, quick and also cost-efficient installation (removal) also and in particular during maintenance. Custom-fit two-piece threaded connectors and locknuts ensure professional installation to connection housings or device walls.



Electromagnetically compatible protection hoses

The various operating control devices and the complexity of electrical systems can lead to electromagnetic conflicts. The EMC protection hoses from the FIPJACK® product line have been designed to prevent electromagnetic interferences and ensure proper functioning of the system. In addition to its high screening values, the protection product made of galvanized copper strands offers high flexibility which makes installation easy and allows the product to be used also in confined spaces.


Protection hoses from the FIPJACK® product line also meet the high demands placed on electrical insulation. Glass fiber knitted hoses with high puncture resistance and special coating are characterized in particular by their electrical dielectric strength of 4 kV and flame retardant properties.


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