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Versatile and elegant: profi-air external wall grill

Versatile and elegant: profi-air external wall grill

Suitable solution by FRÄNKISCHE for any HRV installation situation

The new external wall grills complete the FRÄNKISCHE profi-air system for heat recovery ventilation. The models in a stainless steel and white design are available in three dimensions respectively, so the installers always have the suitable product at their disposal. Together with the profi-air combination grills, the range of FRÄNKISCHE products now covers each and every installation option for external wall grills.

Sound ventilation of buildings is the task of every heat recovery ventilation (HRV). Evenly distributed air exchange helps to achieve a feel-good climate without fine dust, humidity and mould formation. Since the fresh outside air is filtered, no pollen or viruses enter the living quarters. At the same time, continuous ventilation increases the value of your property. With the profi-air complete system, FRÄNKISCHE delivers everything for energy-efficient ventilation from one source: several pipe systems, matching accessories and ventilation units for any requirement.

profi-air external wall grill with lots of installation possibilities

In order to install a ventilation unit, pipes for fresh and exhaust air need to be installed. The openings in the external wall emerging as a result of this can be securely covered with the new FRÄNKISCHE profi-air external wall grills with pipe connection. The models in stainless steel and white designs have identical dimensions and can be delivered with the connections DN 125, 160 or 180.

Elegant appearance: profi-air external wall grill

The stainless steel variant has a colourless powder coating and is therefore sea air-resistant. In addition to this, it visually matches other modern stainless steel elements such as doorbells or letter boxes. The model varnished white discreetly blends with light building walls. A drip edge discharges stormwater from the wall of the building and prevents potential dirt accumulation. The profi-air external wall grills can be easily mounted thanks to the integrated drill holes in the grill frame.

profi-air combination grill for apartment complex construction

Two designs in three dimensions each – to make sure that the installers are well-equipped for the HRV installation in single-family homes. If there is not much space available on the façade, for instance, in the case of apartments, residential blocks or small installation rooms, the installers often use the already existing models of the same product line: the profi-air stainless steel combination grills in four designs – as a horizontal and a vertical version in the dimensions of 125 and 160 mm respectively. Both the fresh and the exhaust air can be connected to each respective grill.

With its external wall grills and combination grills, FRÄNKISCHE provides the specialists with the greatest possible installation flexibility: They can choose between external wall grills in two colour variants with three connection dimensions each, and combination grills for horizontal or vertical installation that can be connected to the fresh and exhaust air at the same time.