FRÄNKISCHE completes the range of air outlets

FRÄNKISCHE supplements its range of air outlets for the profi-air classic ventilation system with the nominal width 63. Together with the tried-and-tested air outlets in nominal widths of 75 and 90, the complete product line now allows flexible installations on the wall, ceiling as well as in concrete.

Everything from one source: profi-air is the complete system for heat recovery ventilation (HRV) – with in-house manufactured profi-air classic and profi-air tunnel pipes, efficient ventilation units, exclusive ventilation grills and a lot of practical accessories such as the profi-air flat manifold, concrete formwork cover or matching air outlets.

Air outlets for all installation situations

The ventilation specialist now complements its range of air outlets for the classic pipe system with the connection dimension 63: “With the nominal widths of 63, 75 and 90, we offer a suitable and structurally identical solution for any installation situation. The air outlets are installation-friendly, and can be easily and reliably mounted on the wall, ceiling as well as on in-situ concrete formwork coverings,“ explains Jürgen Rudolf, Product Manager of Heat Recovery Ventilation at FRÄNKISCHE's Building Technology Division.

Easy installation – tight fit

As is the case with air outlets in nominal widths of 75 and 90, the new model that is compatible with the profi-air classic pipes in the dimension 63 is also available in a short and a long version. The short design is particularly advantageous for installations in the wall or in-situ concrete formwork coverings, the long version is ideally suited for ceiling installations. All air outlets are furnished with large contact surfaces on the sides providing them with stability and tight fit. Both metal angles that fix the components on the building structure are progressively adjustable.

End plug for impeccable hygiene

Both end plugs included in the scope of delivery ensure maximum hygiene of the profi-air classic air outlet plus, which is offered in this form by FRÄNKISCHE only. Thanks to their flow-optimized design, these plugs cover unused outlets and end in the outlet cuff flush with the bottom thus preventing air vortexes inside the system. The special geometry of the plugs additionally makes sure that the pipes can be inserted only after the yellow plug has been removed.

Concealed installations in concrete

If the profi-air classic air outlet plus needs to be installed on in-situ concrete formwork coverings, the installers use the profi-air classic concrete formwork cover plus DN 125. To do so, the installers attach the cover at the desired position with two nails included in the delivery. Subsequently, they snap in the air outlet and fix the pipes. “Especially the profi-air classic pipes in the dimension of 63 in combination with the new air outlet are suitable for installations in concrete since the pipe is very flexible, requires fewer fittings and can be installed in no time at all,“ says Jürgen Rudolf. As soon as the concrete has been poured and the cladding has been removed, the HVAC specialist opens the yellow concrete formwork cover with a hammer and installs the desired valve or design grill.

profi-air flat manifold for concrete installations

Thanks to FRÄNKISCHE, concealed installation of pipes for heat recovery ventilation is now also possible with the profi-air flat manifold, the first plastic manifold for installations in concrete. It is attached to the in-situ concrete formwork covering by means of the profi-air concrete formwork set DN 160. As soon as the concrete work has been finished or the in-situ concrete covering is ready, the concrete formwork cover is removed leaving only two visible openings. Through these, the fitter can continue with the installation in different connection systems by means of Ovalkanal, iso or metal pipes.

The profi-air classic air outlet plus in the nominal width of 63 that will replace the previous model as from April 2020 completes the classic system for heat recovery ventilation. The product line has been designed for installations on the wall or ceiling, in combination with the profi-air classic concrete formwork cover plus DN 125 but also for installations in concrete. Together with the profi-air flat manifold for any application, FRÄNKISCHE now offers a complete package for concealed installations in concrete.