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RailControl: EBA certification for the internal pressure range

RailControl: EBA certification for the internal pressure range

The RailControl flushing and inspection shaft complies with the highest safety requirements in terms of track drainage. This is why it has been awarded the certification for the internal pressure range by the Federal Railway Authority (Eisenbahn-Bundesamt, EBA). FRÄNKISCHE thus offers the first modular shaft for all pressure ranges. In combination with the RailPipe drainage pipe, planners can now benefit from an overall system for any application in track drainage approved by the EBA.

Controlled drainage plays a central and key role in railway facilities. In this field, the components collecting and discharging stormwater must withstand extreme stress and are subject to strict regulations. The RailControl flushing and inspection shaft complies with the high safety requirements of Deutsche Bahn and the Federal Railway Authority. The certified shaft can be used both outside the pressure range and in the external pressure range of the track system and, from now, also in the internal pressure range, i.e., right in the load influence area of railway traffic loads. The shaft can thus be used for any application in track drainage and has been certified for these purposes.

Modular shaft allows easy adjustment on site

FRÄNKISCHE has received the EBA certification for both RailControl shaft designs – with inlet and outlet in the nominal connection diameter DN 250 and DN 400. Additional standard nominal diameters of DN 150 to 300 can be connected using shaft reducers. The modular system is easy to handle on site, since connecting the components is a breeze. Users can cut the extension pipe SN 16 to the required length as desired and place it on the shaft bottom using a sealing ring. The concrete support ring (BARD ring) included with the set seals the shaft from the top and allows the use of standard covers (625 mm).

FRÄNKISCHE is the only manufacturer to deliver its flushing and inspection shaft as a modular set to be used in any project. Reducers and individual cutting to length of the extension pipe allow any shaft to be adapted to the on-site conditions easily and flexibly. Building contractors benefit from prompt availability, since FRÄNKISCHE sells RailControl from stock.

Highest reliability in track drainage

The extremely robust 180° shaft features a fully-fledged raceway in the shaft bottom. The inside diameter of 600 mm of the shaft bottom and the extension pipe allows inspection and maintenance of the shaft without any problems. RailControl complies with the proof of jetting resistance according to DIN 19523, has featured the manufacturer-related product qualification (HPQ) since 2016 and, due to the EBA certification, is the first shaft to comply with DBS 918064 for all pressure ranges.

Pipe and shaft with EBA certifications – one system for any application

RailPipe, FRÄNKISCHE’s corresponding drainage pipe for track drainage, has also borne the EBA seal since 2017, and satisfies all requirements in terms of long-term exposure to stress, static capacity and safety. “With the EBA certification of RailControl and RailPipe, we now offer a sustainable and efficient overall system for all pressure ranges and any application in track drainage,” explains Guido Weigl, FRÄNKISCHE Product Manager Drainage Systems. “The components have been ideally matched and provide highest functional reliability.” FRÄNKISCHE offering one pipe for any application leads to freedom in terms of planning and reduces logistic complexity at the construction site.

With the EBA certification of RailControl, FRÄNKISCHE provides the first modular shaft which can be used in all pressure ranges of the track system. When combined with the equally EBA certified RailPipe drainage pipe, planners, users and builders will be able to cover all tasks in track drainage.