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DIBt-approved stormwater treatment

DIBt-approved stormwater treatment

FRÄNKISCHE’s high-efficiency, two-step SediSubstrator XL stormwater treatment system has now extended the DIBt approval to all four system sizes. The systems remove hazardous substances from polluted stormwater runoff, e.g., from highly frequented traffic areas, so efficiently that the treated water may simply infiltrate into the subsoil through a storage/infiltration system afterwards.

The SediSubstrator XL systems use two steps – sedimentation and adsorption – to separate particles, dissolved pollutants and light liquids from stormwater. The complete system consisting of start shaft, sedimentation path and target shaft with substrate cartridge is space-saving and easy to install under traffic areas like intersections, industrial property or car parks. The first treatment step in the sedimentation pipe already retains 98 per cent of the required quantity of fine and ultra-fine particles. The patented flow separator in the lower pipe section prevents the remobilisation of the sedimented solids even during heavy rainfall events. The second treatment step uses the SediSorp plus adsorption substrate in the target shaft to adsorb dissolved pollutants, thus achieving up to 100 per cent of the required retention level of heavy metals and light liquids.

Tested treatment performance

While the 600/12 and 600/12+12 types have already featured the approval by the German Institute for Building Technology (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik - DIBt), the system sizes 600/18 and 600/25 have now also been tested and certified according to the strict specifications of the admission office. “The DIBt approval for all SediSubstrator XL system types provides planning reliability and ensures the tested treatment performance. It furthermore simplifies the official approval procedures for stormwater treatment systems and, depending on the country, also the discharge into surface waterbodies” says Michael Schütz, head of FRÄNKISCHE’s Drainage Systems Product Management. The four approved system types are suitable for particularly large areas covering from 1,500 to 3,000 square metres; the area to be treated determines SediSubstrator XL’s system size. Thus, the system can perfectly be tailored to specific project needs. Depending on the system size, the pipes DN 600 are available in lengths of 12, 18, 24, or 12+12 metres and equipped with two to four cartridge elements for the second treatment step. The new SediSubstrator L system sizes in lengths of 6 to 24 metres launched in 2018 are already DIBt approved as well.