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Efficient and delicate cleaning of pipes

Efficient and delicate cleaning of pipes

The SaWi cleaning set for profi-air classic by FRÄNKISCHE: vacuum and wipe

Heat recovery ventilation (HRV) creates comfortable climate and has a positive effect on the health of the inhabitants. The system structure and the antibacterial properties of the profi-air classic pipe ensure utmost hygiene. If dirt enters the system in individual cases, the pipe system requires gentle yet effective cleaning. To this end, FRÄNKISCHE and its cooperation partner Fielers & Danilov Dynamic Solutions have developed the first ever cleaning solution that is based on the vacuum-and-wipe concept.

Heat recovery ventilation helps to create a healthy room climate; along with this, ventilation protects the building stock and reduces heating requirements.

With proper planning, installation and maintenance such as regular filter replacement, these systems are absolutely clean and hygienically impeccable. In the FRÄNKISCHE profi-air pipe system, this is achieved also by means of smooth inner surfaces, flow-optimised fittings, as well as antistatic and antibacterial pipe accessories. For this reason, it is normally enough to check the duct network for the necessity to carry out cleaning after five to ten years. Due to the star-shaped distribution through distribution boxes with inspection openings typical of the profi-air system, cleaning, if required, is much easier as compared to heavily branched systems.

In addition to this, FRÄNKISCHE and its cooperation partner Fielers & Danilov Dynamic Solutions now offer a dedicated and efficient cleaning solution – the SaWi cleaning set for profi-air classic. “We have developed the first ever system based on the smart vacuum-and-wipe concept. It is perfectly suited for our profi-air components, easy to use and absolutely gentle on the system,” explains Michael Hümpfner, Head of Product Management of the FRÄNKISCHE Building Technology division.

Step 1: vacuuming loose and coarse contamination

The two-step procedure guarantees perfect cleaning results: First vacuuming (Saugen), then wiping (Wischen). First, the user attaches the pull unit to the pull and safety cord, and inserts it into the profi-air classic pipe through the inspection opening at the manifold or at the air outlet. At the other end of the pipe, the HVAC technicians connect a conventional household vacuum cleaner by means of an adapter that draws in the pull unit and lets it slowly slide through the ventilation pipe. Due to the increased air velocity between the walls of the pipe and the pull unit, loose and coarse dirt is moved forward. The vibrations of the pull unit additionally remove the dirt particles from the walls. The combination of these functions is so effective that the pipe is largely clean already after the vacuuming process.

Step 2: wiping off fine particles

As soon as the pull unit has reached the other end of the pipe, the installers detach it, attach the foam pig and put the cleaning cloths over it. These can be additionally moistened with disinfectant if needed. The foam pig removes the particles still remaining on the walls. Due to its profile, indentations emerge in the cleaning cloth, in which fine dirt particles can accumulate. FRÄNKISCHE recommends using two pull and safety cords. This way, the cleaning process can be repeated if needed, and the wiping unit can be pulled forwards or backwards. The pull and safety cord by FRÄNKISCHE has been optimised such that there is only slight friction between the cord and the ventilation pipe. Due to this, segments of up to 15 metres in length can be cleaned.

Various sets and accessories

The cleaning set is available for the profi-air classic pipes in nominal diameters of 63 and 75. It is delivered in a box containing: plugs and adapters for profi-air classic pipes, cloth attachment aid, adapters for air outlets in 125 mm and 100 mm, pull units, cleaning cloths with storage boxes and foam pigs. The set also contains two 10 mm thick pull and safety cords with a length of 30 m including a snap hook and a guiding ball. The cleaning cloths and the pull and safety cord, as well as other set variants can also be purchased individually. In addition to this, FRÄNKISCHE is currently developing other variants and nominal diameters.


The SaWi cleaning set for profi-air classic stands out against conventional brush and compressed air systems due to its substantial cleaning performance, suitability for small nominal pipe diameters of 63 and 75, as well as for long segments of up to 15 metres. Besides, the FRÄNKISCHE vacuum-and-wipe solution easily gets through fittings.