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SediPipe and SediSubstrator systems now available in size L

SediPipe and SediSubstrator systems now available  in size L
SediPipe L
SediPipe L
SediPipe L plus
SediPipe L plus
SediSubstrator L
SediSubstrator L

With SediPipe L, SediPipe L plus, and SediSubstrator L, FRÄNKISCHE launches new stormwater treatment systems, thus extending their approved Sedi product range. The systems which are available in lengths from six to 24 metres excel in high treatment performance. Building companies benefit from easy ordering and short delivery times.

With their new L systems, FRÄNKISCHE responds to the increased demands in stormwater treatment and the changed market which gives always higher priority to water regulation aspects. “The new system sizes upgrade our successful product range and enable us to find the suitable system for any application” says Frieder Kießling, FRÄNKISCHE Drainage Systems Product Manager. As the L systems are not subject to project-specific manufacture and season-related delivery times, the sedimentation systems are promptly available. The simple ordering procedure without requiring any form also minimises the time dedicated to the procurement of materials. As the L systems consist of individual sets (basic set and connection set for various sewer depths), planning engineers and users are very flexible: If new conditions appear on site, e.g., if the system installation depth changes, it is very easy to cut the extension pipe to length and modify the connection angle.

Modular design and easy installation

SediPipe L coming in four sizes from 600/6 to 600/24 is suitable for heavily polluted stormwater runoff from large areas. In case of spills in dry weather, FRÄNKISCHE’s system is able to retain light liquids. The coarse and fine particles settled downstream of the flow separator can no longer remobilise after sedimentation. The system with its space-saving underground installation is the ideal alternative to conventional stormwater sedimentation tanks.

Stormwater treatment with oil separation

The new SediPipe L plus treats water using a two-step principle: The two flow separators separate solids, dissolved pollutants and light liquids from the stormwater runoff from traffic areas. Waterbodies can thus be protected even in case of oil spills also during heavy rainfalls. SediPipe L plus reaches the efficacy of a coalescence separator: In accordance with TÜV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH, the discharge values match those of a class I oil separator as per DIN EN 858-1 (residual oil level £ 5.0 mg/l, corresponding to at least 99.9 per cent of oil retention). The new model series is available in four system sizes from 600/6 to 600/24.

Substrate cartridge with upstream sedimentation in size L

SediSubstrator L separates pollutants, dissolved heavy metals and light liquids from stormwater runoff in two steps. Using the SediPipe principle which combines adsorption through substrate with upstream sedimentation, the system is very efficient in treating heavily polluted stormwater runoff. Solids like stones and sand are retained in the start shaft, and the patented flow separator in the lower pipe section prevents settled particles from being remobilised – even during heavy rainfall events. The cartridge with the SediSorp plus adsorption substrate provided in the second treatment step retains 100 per cent of the required rate of dissolved pollutants and oil. The quality-monitored substrate with its extremely high binding capacity demonstrably prevents the infiltration of heavy metals induced by wet salts into the soil and the groundwater. SediSubstrator L complies with the strict specifications of the German Institute for Building Technology (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik, DIBt) regarding stormwater treatment systems for all system sizes (600/6, 600/12, 600/18, 600/24 and 600/12+12).

With the L systems, FRÄNKISCHE extends the choice of their tubular sedimentation systems with and without substrate step, thus completing the existing product range. SediL systems have a high treatment performance, ensure flexibility on site and faster delivery times, and save time through the simple ordering procedure.