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Ventilation design selection with augmented reality

Ventilation design selection with augmented reality

Knowing before the installation what it is going to look like after it: The new augmented reality application by FRÄNKISCHE will show you what effect the profi-air starline design grills will produce in the room. It provides assistance, for instance during consultation, in selecting the optimal ventilation grill – all you need is a smartphone or tablet, a free starline app, and a printed marker.


The FRÄNKISCHE starline app virtually projects 3D views of various ventilation grills onto the desired location in the room. So, the users can tell at a glance which of the 20 available profi-air starline design grills matches their furnishing style best and merges with the environment. The app for Android and iOS devices is available on the Google Playstore and Apple App Store free of charge. The required marker is available for example at simply download, print out and place at the desired location in the room. Several ventilation grills can be placed next to each other for comparison. The app user scans the marker, and the selected design is projected on the screen into the room. The users simply move the grills to different locations using a touch screen. If required, the user can take photos and save these in a dedicated "starline" folder under Photos or in the Gallery of the end device. Additionally, the app shows detailed information on the individual design grills. "Our starline app offers installers and wholesalers a possibility of testing and presenting different variants of our profi-air starline design grills with pretty little effort. This gives confidence when selecting the desired product and makes it easier for the end customer to make a decision," says Michael Hümpfner, head of development and product management in the Building Technology Division.


Great variety, little effort

FRÄNKISCHE makes HRV technology meet premium design: Stylish profi-air starline design grills – created with the design agency sieger design – are easy to install using magnets. They are available in 20 different designs thus perfectly merging with any interior concept: Along with nine rectangular and nine square grills, there is an oval and a round variant made of either stainless steel, powder-coated sheet steel, or glass. FRÄNKISCHE's pipe system and ventilation units together with the grills form the profi-air complete system that furnishes both existing and new buildings with a high-performance, hygienically impeccable and highly efficient heat recovery ventilation (HRV).


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