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Strong in-tank and on-tank systems

Strong in-tank and on-tank systems

FRÄNKISCHE Industrial Pipes is a strong partner for in-tank and on-tank systems: The solutions by the automotive industry specialist are reliable, flexible and custom-made.


For decades, FIP has been a reliable supplier with a broad range of fluid and air transfer systems, corrugated tubes and protective hoses. Experts at handling particularly difficult tasks, our highly skilled international development team is keen on addressing topics that are far too sensitive and tricky for others. No technical challenge is too tough for the automotive industry specialists at our eight production sites worldwide.


Oligomer-free materials

This holds true especially for in-tank and on-tank applications, since this is where lines are subject to high loads and repeated usage under extreme conditions. Besides their extensive system know-how and many years of experience in this field FRÄNKISCHE Industrial Pipes also relies on their high material expertise. High-quality material combinations ensure safe handling and tight connection of all FIP products in a fuel system. The multi-layer designs meet all current requirements and are state-of-the-art: New, oligomer-free materials are particularly suited to replace PA 12 in fuel and fuel vent lines to ensure smooth and safe operation of the fuel system. "Meanwhile, alternative materials have been thoroughly tested, and mass-production has begun," says Ralph Baunach, technical sales specialist with FRÄNKISCHE INDUSTRIAL PIPES.


Reliable fuel lines

To ensure utmost safety when transporting aggressive and flammable liquids such as gasoline or diesel fuel, FRÄNKISCHE Industrial Pipes offers electrically conductive fuel lines. A special inner layer prevents static electricity during high flow rates thus protecting against spark generation and subsequent self-ignition of a vehicle. Temperature resistance, dimensions and material of the individual products are custom-made for every single tank model in order to perfectly suit customers' needs. "Despite our customized development and production, and due to cutting-edge production methods and intelligent selection of materials, we are in a position to provide high-quality solutions in a combination of up to five layers in a cost-optimized and competitive way," explains Ralph Baunach.


Wide range of applications

The selection of materials, geometries, nominal diameters and maximum operating temperatures is as versatile as the fields of application of custom-made in-tank and on-tank FIP products. For fuel tanks, the automotive industry specialists produce e. g. vent lines with an integrated liquid trap or even vent lines to a roll-over valve situated next to the tank which prevents the liquid fuel from leaking through the vent lines when the vehicle has an inclined position or if it rolls over. FIP lines at the fuel supply unit are technically sophisticated products, since they are high-pressure resistant, conductive and highly flexible, and particularly advantageous if space in the tank is scarce.

Among other things, there are exterior on-tank vent lines which transport escaping gases to the activated carbon filter where hydrocarbons are then adsorbed. Through the scavenging air lines of the activated carbon filter by FIP, the filter element is regularly flushed with ambient air. Supply lines leading from the activated carbon filter to the engine are also available. Vent lines to the fuel-filling pipe discharge the emerging gases via the fuel nozzle. Feed and return pipes leading from the fuel tank to the supply pump make the range of tank system products complete.


FRÄNKISCHE Industrial Pipes (FIP), headquartered in Königsberg, Germany, specializes in top quality corrugated tubes, corrugated tube systems and protective hoses for cable protection and fluid systems for industrial and automotive applications. Standard products and customized systems are manufactured on 280,000 m2 of production area in Germany, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Romania, Tunisia, Morocco, China, Mexico and the USA. They are used in applications such as automobiles, utility vehicles, sanitary and swimming pool engineering, major appliances, air handling systems, industry, home appliances, machine and tooling design, as well as geothermal and solar energy systems.