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New: Distribution structures by FRÄNKISCHE

The size of the system can be planned to perfectly suit your needs
The size of the system can be planned to perfectly suit your needs
Pre-assembled, simple and modular system
Pre-assembled, simple and modular system
Cross-section Distribution structures - Distribution pipe
Cross-section Distribution structures - Distribution pipe

Shaft and pipe system for multi-systems for stormwater treatment


New distribution structures complement FRÄNKISCHE’s range of products in the area of stormwater treatment systems: The compact distribution shaft and the modular distribution pipe system simplify the inlet and outlet situation with two or several connected SediPipe and SediSubstrator treatment systems. The entirely underground solutions boast exceptional performance and are flexible in use also for large collection areas.


If there is lack of space or there are specific local conditions, compact underground sedimentation systems are much in demand. The space-saving, high-performance SediPipe and SediSubstrator stormwater treatment systems by FRÄNKISCHE can be installed even at shallow depths. The area above ground remains preserved and can be used, for instance, as a car park. Depending on the size of the area to be connected as well as the prerequisites on site, two or more treatment systems can be arranged together. Even in case of special requirements and complex local conditions, the adaptable systems ensure efficient and demand-oriented stormwater treatment.

Stormwater treatment: Semi-central turns into central

The new distribution structures further extend the advantages of semi-central treatment systems thus making the boundaries between centralised and decentralised stormwater treatment disappear: If several space-saving, underground sedimentation paths are connected in parallel, their treatment volume increases, and also enables the connection and treatment of large collection areas.

At the same time, the distribution structures simplify the inlet and outlet in case of several systems connected in parallel: The compact distribution shaft has been optimised for two connected sedimentation paths, and the distribution pipe system for multi-systems provides the best conditions also for large collection areas. The individual components are perfectly matched and can be ideally used even under difficult construction site conditions.

Compact distribution shaft for two treatment systems

If two type SediPipe level treatment systems are connected in parallel, the distribution shaft is used. In addition to the two pipe connections for the treatment systems, the shaft DN 600 features a bypass as an overflow for large water volumes. The vertically aligned diffusor grill retains coarse particles in the start shaft and creates the smoothing zone in the inlet. This ensures uniform flow of polluted water into both treatment systems. The treated water merges and is subsequently discharged in the distribution target shaft which is, but for the diffusor grill, identical with the start shaft. Connection sets of different pipe lengths properly connect the distribution shafts and the treatment systems and complement the system.

Distribution pipe system – modular, flexible, unlimited applications

While the distribution shaft has been designed for two treatment systems, the distribution pipe system allows stormwater treatment also for large areas: The modular solution arranges several SediPipe and/or SediSubstrator systems in parallel next to each other and ensures their optimal use. The distribution pipe DN 800 controls the inlet to the individual treatment systems. Due to the centrically arranged, lateral pipe connections, backwater is created in the distribution pipe that calms down the inflowing stormwater before it flows to the connected treatment systems. This ensures consistent supply of all systems regarding hydraulics and pollution loads. The treated stormwater is then merged via the collector pipe DN 800 and discharged to the storm sewer that at the same time serves as a bypass, i.e., overflow for large water volumes.

Modular design – easy handling

The modular system of the distribution pipe DN 800 contains already pre-defined modules: In addition to the main pipe in two lengths, there are pipe segments with two or three lateral outlets allowing distribution variants of any size. Pipe segments closed on one side as well as pipes with inspection openings for regular maintenance are also part of the system. The individual components can be assembled to distribution structures of various length and complexity as needed. The modules are connected to each other at the construction site with the help of couplings and sealing rings. The connection sets of different lengths that professionally connect the distribution pipe and/or collector pipe and the treatment systems complement the range of products.

Distribution structures: Everything from one source – FRÄNKISCHE

With the new distribution structures, FRÄNKISCHE furthers its aspiration to deliver all components for efficient stormwater treatment from one source: “Being a full-range supplier, we see it as the next logical step to adjust also the distribution structures that used to be made of concrete to our durable, high-quality plastic solutions. We have developed a perfectly matched modular system with individual modules, for all contingencies during planning, and for complex on-site conditions,“ explains Guido Weigl, FRÄNKISCHE Product Manager Drainage Systems.

The lightweight, highly durable components are standardised and already pre-assembled. The size of the entire treatment system and the installation location can be planned and selected to perfectly suit your needs. Low weight of the components coupled with the modular structure facilitate construction site handling – the distribution shaft and the distribution pipe system can be quickly installed and perfectly integrated into the existing sewer networks. The individual components are easy to order and available at short notice.

The compact distribution shaft and the new distribution pipe system by FRÄNKISCHE simplify the inlet and outlet situation with multi-systems for stormwater treatment. This will help you create perfect initial conditions for ideal utilisation and function, irrespective of whether two or multiple treatment systems are connected.