FIPSYSTEMS® presents reliable non-metallic cable protection

Non-metallic cable protection solutions from the inventor of corrugated conduits FRAENKISCHE INDUSTRIAL PIPES. As the world leader of plastic corrugated conduits solutions a new generation of cable protection fittings and accessories now accomplishes the comprehensive product range from FRAENKISCHE.

FRAENKISCHE USA in Anderson, SC has launched the FIPSYSTEMS brand to give customers a competitive advantage. The pre-assembled fittings FIPLOCK ONE ensure reliable connection between various FIPLOCK corrugated conduits with fine or coarse profile.


Next generation cable protection conduit and fitting system

FRANKISCHE INDUSTRIAL PIPES new generation non-metallic cable protection system offers the highest possible IP-protection characteristic of up to IP69 - with an ALL IN ONE fitting. FIPLOCK ONE adapters covers all IP protection classes (66, 67, 68/5bar and 69). Designed for highest demanding applications and environments. The comprehensive technical and handling benefits of the novel solution ensure a most efficient enhancement of common products to improve RAM & LCC of the end-users equipment and connections.

  • highest fire precaution performances and mechanical strength
  • extensively approved and certified for railroad and industrial applications
  • cost savings: No need to stock different IP protection solutions
  • easy part selection - less handling and evaluation failure risk
  • supplied as preassembled fitting - ready to install


  • push-in positive locking system – efficient, save and secure
  • ONE part for all applications reducing logistics and part management efforts
  • easily and securely reopened for possible maintenance by a standard tool
  • for safety requirements, no hand-opening possible


The future of cable protection and fitting system is here

Non-metallic corrugated cable protection conduits made of specially modified polyamide offer many advantages when used vs. metal conduits such as:

  • non-corrosive
  • bounce back effect meaning it is less likely to crush when impacted which can damage inside wires
  • easy and much faster installation with corresponding FIPLOCK ONE Fittings
  • safer for installers due to no sharp metal edges when cut to length / no sharp edges to short out wires
  • substantial weight savings


FRÄNKISCHE Industrial Pipes launches next generation cable protection system

Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) confirmed full compliance of the FRAENKISCHE INDUSTRIAL PIPES non-metallic cable protection FIPLOCK ONE with UL1696 for the USA and Canada. All sizes of FIPLOCK ONE fittings with various types of FIPLOCK corrugated conduits (NW07 to NW48) are therefore approved for OEM use in versatile industrial applications and certified in UL File E 178449.

Besides UL our products fit the requirements of the following certificates and approvals:


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