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Lifelines of a connected society: Plastic conduit systems

There are different kinds of plastics:

Plastic conduit systems are not disposable products, but high-quality and durable industrial goods. Just like veins, their applications run through all important spheres of life and have been influencing our connected society over decades. Living without plastics is no longer imaginable today.

Plastic is one of the most important materials of the modern society, and our life cannot be imagined without it in its various manifestations. Plastic will continue to be a very popular material in the future for its manifold design options alone. Above all for durable investment goods, plastic is the ideal material base, since it can be used to cover the vital, essential areas of our infrastructure – POWER. WATER. DATA. AIR.

Plastic conduit systems are durable, long-term applications for every area of our infrastructure.

They run through all vital elements, and incorporate the global trends of environment, energy and sustainability, combined under the keywords "POWER. WATER. DATA. AIR.":

Transporting all important elements we need for our modern way of life is our competence in the construction field. Everything that must be transported safely from A to B runs through FRÄNKISCHE conduit systems. In practice, we supply planners, installers, building companies or local communities all over Germany and the world with everything they need to implement water, gas, heating or data lines – from pipes and connection technologies to the corresponding accessories. Even large storage/infiltration systems, complex treatment systems, multi-media conduits or heat recovery ventilation solutions are part of our product range. Our defined goal is to make the vital elements of POWER, WATER, DATA and AIR safer, better, more ecological and economical every day through quality and innovative energy "made in Germany" – always and anywhere: We manage the essence of life.

Using plastic conduit systems in public infrastructure

Broadband expansion/digitization
Broadband expansion/digitization

Sustainable conduit installations

Broadband expansion is an important factor for the digital future of Germany. When it comes to data and digitization, sustainable conduit installations are required: Plastic cable conduits cover underground power lines, protect them and reduce undesired heat emission into the ground and to plants.


Climate-conscious urban planning

More and more people move to the cities where more buildings and roads are built and more surfaces are paved. At the same time, climate change leads to increasingly more heavy rainfall events and flash floods. Preventive protection such as underground retention facilities and plastic drainage systems can accommodate, store and discharge large amounts of stormwater in a controlled way. They can also be perfectly combined with evaporation systems, e.g., green roofs or façades.

Building Technology installation systems
Building Technology installation systems

Hygienically sound

Pipes that carry drinking water or gas are sensitive systems subject to special hygiene and safety provisions. Plastic has excellent material properties for the highest drinking water quality. The conduit systems meet the strictest safety requirements: They are hygienically sound, chemically safe, corrosion-resistant and impervious to encrustation.

Reduction in plastics production from mineral oil


The plastic pipes industry takes its ecological responsibility very seriously and aims at replacing primary raw materials with recyclates whenever possible. We need to go easy on resources and make sure that plastic products, including our conduit systems, can be reused to the maximum extent possible. To reach this goal, the plastic pipes industry built a functioning recycling system back in the mid-1990s. Besides discarded pipes and processing waste, also other plastic products are collected, sorted, cleaned and further processed to generate ground material. Secondary raw materials and subsequently new pipes are then built from this material. As an alternative, the ground material is used to produce new plastic materials.

Clean water cycle thanks to plastic conduit systems


Urbanisation, impervious surfaces, heavy rainfall events – climate change poses entirely new challenges to efficient water management. Durable conduit systems as lifelines of a connected society play a significant role for clean water cycles, too. We encounter them everywhere: In drinking water production and distribution, sewage discharge as well as collection, retention, treatment, discharge or infiltration of stormwater. Our innovative systems significantly contribute to sustainable water management and thus to a better quality of life for each of us.

Advantages of plastic conduit systems

The paradox of combining plastics and ecology is only apparent.

Plastic conduits are extremely durable and high-quality industrial goods, not short-living consumer or disposable products made of cheap plastic. Plastic conduit systems stand for sustainability and can be used up to 100 years and then reused. Therefore, they are not disposable products, but a fundamental part of modern infrastructure. Just like veins running through an organism, plastic conduit systems are part of our infrastructure in all areas of our life.

Plastic conduit systems are characterised by their long durability and low vulnerability. They guarantee high quality standards, are low-weight and can be easily installed. Additional positive characteristics are chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, specific insulation properties, pressure resistance and static loading capacity. Plastic pipes made of recycling materials are used in many areas today: For example, in stormwater management, for drainage pipes or cable protection.

Drinking water pipes as packaging for the most important food of our society

For hygiene, health and environment protection as well as safety reasons, only new materials without recyclates are allowed for drinking water and gas supply.

Triple strength in construction engineering

Everything that must be transported safely from A to B runs through FRÄNKISCHE conduit systems. There is hardly any field left where our products are not being used. Solution competence, diversity and innovative energy – this is what our three construction-related divisions Drainage Systems, Electrical Systems and Building Technology stand for.

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