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Plastic conduit systems


Plastic conduit systems are not disposable products but durable, long-term industrial goods for every area of our infrastructure.

Plastic conduits – everywhere and indispensable

Transporting all important elements we need for our modern way of life is our competence in the construction field.


The central issues of our society, such as the broadband expansion, the mobility and energy transition, drinking water supply, extreme weather events, etc. – all these challenges have one thing in common: well-matched infrastructures are part of the solution.

With our products and systems and our continuous further developments, we are taking up these challenges. In principle, there is almost no medium that we cannot manage: Everything that must be transported safely from A to B runs through our conduit systems.

See for yourself – applications of plastic conduit systems

Safe and hygienic transport
Safe and hygienic transport

Clean drinking water

Drinking water is our most important foodstuff and cannot be replaced by anything. This is why installation technology is of utmost importance. With our system, we opt for the highest quality standards for the best drinking water hygiene.

Well-being and health protection
Well-being and health protection

Healthy indoor climate

Fresh air rich in oxygen positively affects our health, and regular air exchange prevents the spread of pathogens. Our ventilation system creates a good indoor climate and ensures the well-being and health protection of the residents.

Fit for the digital future
Fit for the digital future

Broadband expansion

Working from home, smart home applications, or watching TV, surfing online, etc. The internet is an inherent part of our lives. Powerful broadband connections are in more demand than ever. With our products, we bring fibre optics from the street directly into your home. For fast internet in every house.

Mobility transition
Mobility transition


According to a new law, one million charge points are to be created, and at least seven million electric vehicles are to be put in circulation by 2030. We also support the mobility transition with suitable products. They meet all the requirements for a secure wiring infrastructure so that charge points can be added easily at a later stage.

Climate-friendly solutions
Climate-friendly solutions

Stormwater management

The effects of climate change are all around: hundred-year floods, severe weather catastrophes, local heavy rainfall, floods with property damage in the millions. Concepts to reduce damage and prevent it in the long-term are in demand, and this is exactly where our system solutions for well-thought-out stormwater management come into play.

Natural water cycle
Natural water cycle

Water-sensitive cities

High building density and constant growth in impervious surfaces lead to cities heating up increasingly, creating urban heat islands. At the same time, there is no space for stormwater to infiltrate and evaporate. Our concept focuses on making optimal use of land and restoring the natural water cycle.

Solution competence, diversity and innovative energy

This is what our three construction-related divisions, DRAINAGE SYSTEMS, ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS and BUILDING TECHNOLOGY stand for.


Our future map shows where we are already offering solutions to the challenges of our time – and which goals we have yet to achieve.


Plastic conduits – durable

The paradox of combining plastics and ecology is only apparent. Because plastic conduits are extremely durable and high-quality industrial goods, not short-lived consumer or disposable products made of cheap plastic. Plastic conduit systems stand for sustainability and can be used for up to 100 years and then be reused. They are not disposable products but a fundamental part of modern infrastructures.

Above all, for durable investment goods, it is the ideal material base since it can be used to cover the vital, essential areas of our infrastructure: water and power supply as well as the exchange of air and data.

Ecological responsibility

Nevertheless, we are aware of our ecological responsibility and, where permitted and technically feasible, we increasingly replace primary raw materials with recycled materials. We need to go easy on resources and make sure that plastic products, including our conduit systems, can be reused to the maximum extent possible.

Plastic pipes made of recycling materials are used in many areas today: For example, in stormwater management, drainage pipes or cable protection.

Drinking water pipes as packaging for the most important food of our society

For hygiene, health and environment protection as well as safety reasons, only new materials without recyclates are allowed for drinking water and gas supply.

Eco-balanced electrical conduits

Eco-balanced electrical conduits

We are the first manufacturer to obtain the life cycle assessment (aka eco-balance) for electrical conduits by the association of building product manufacturers (Institut Bauen und Umwelt e. V., IBU). We took great pains to analyse every single element and processing step of the eco-balanced electrical conduits – the formulation, packaging of materials delivered, dispatch of conduits, and even the consumption of compressed air and cooling water. By using regenerates in the production of these corrugated plastic conduits, we consume around 60 percent fewer fossil resources such as mineral oil. In addition, FBY-EL-F co2ntrol and FFKuS-EM-F-105 co2ntrol save up to 47 percent carbon dioxide per running metre as compared to conventional electrical conduits. To make the two products also CO2 neutral, we compensate for the carbon dioxide emissions during manufacturing and plant trees in our home region of Königsberg in Bavaria, Germany. The eco-balanced co2ntrol corrugated plastic conduits are listed in the database of the German Sustainable Building Council (Deutsche Gesellschaft für nachhaltiges Bauen – DGNB). co2ntrol® conduits bear the type III eco-label.

What are the advantages of plastic conduit systems?

Plastic conduits are characterised by their extreme durability. They can be used for up to 100 years and then recycled. They additionally guarantee high quality standards, are low-weight and can be easily installed.

What are the applications of plastic conduit systems?

The range of applications of plastic conduit systems is vast. They are a fundamental component of our modern infrastructure and permeate almost all areas of our lives – they transport drinking water, ensure a healthy indoor climate, promote the mobility and energy transition as well as the broadband expansion, support the natural water cycle and much more.

Does FRÄNKISCHE manufacture eco-balanced plastic conduits?

We are the first manufacturer of eco-balanced electrical conduits. They are listed in the database of the German Sustainable Building Council (Deutsche Gesellschaft für nachhaltiges Bauen, DGNB). By using regenerates, our co2ntrol product line consumes up to 60 percent fewer fossil resources and saves approx. 47 percent CO2.

Triple strength in construction engineering

Solution competence, diversity and innovative energy – this is what our three construction-related divisions Drainage Systems, Electrical Systems and Building Technology stand for. There is hardly any field left where our products are not being used. And we are much more than just conduit manufacturers.

You can find more information on the website of the Plastic Pipe Association (Kunststoffrohrverband, KRV):