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AquaPipe® system

AquaPipe® system
AquaPipe® system
AquaPipe® system
AquaPipe® system
AquaPipe® system


AquaPipe, the stormwater pipe system for draining roads and highways, for discharging municipal stormwater runoff and for discharging stormwater into receiving waters.
Perfectly matching components offer the perfect solution for each installation.

The practice-proven system consists of

  • AquaPipe pipe
  • AquaTrafficControl shaft
  • AquaTrafficControl V shaft  
  • AquaFlex connection pipe  
  • AquaDock 90° connector
  • Saddle 90° connector

and forms a complete system that provides great reliability for planning engineers, users and home owners.


  • perfectly matched system
  • proven and reliable
  • efficient
  • meets all technical requirements
  • rapid construction progress
  • little on-site space requirement for storage and installation
  • easy installation and handling
  • efficient use of construction site equipment



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