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AquaLimit tube

AquaLimit tube
AquaLimit tube
AquaLimit tube
AquaLimit tube


Throttle shaft with integrated tube throttle for smaller discharge values

AquaLimit tube is a modular polypropylene (PP) throttle shaft DO 600 that is suitable for many applications and features an integrated tube throttle produced by UFT Umwelt- und Fluid-Technik Dr. Brombach GmbH. AquaLimit tube combines a strong discharge performance with highest operational reliability.

The modular shaft is characterised by steep Q(h) characteristics, a short delivery time, and easy installation. The removable tube throttle can be maintained and the vortex outlet can be adjusted subsequently. Stormwater retention systems discharge quickly but at the same time in a controlled manner that does not harm the discharge point. Therefore, the entire storage volume is quickly available for the next rainfall.

Constant discharge performance across all operating conditions

Thanks to the steep throttle characteristics as compared to a simple orifice, the tube throttle can achieve an almost constant discharge even with water levels over top edge of terrain. The high discharge performance through all operating stages affects the size of the storage/infiltration system. Thanks to the higher discharge performance, the storage/infiltration system can be designed smaller and is quickly available again for the next rainfall. Since our partner UFT manufactures the throttle project-specifically, throttle outlet ranges of 1-10 l/s can be realised. Therefore, the new corrosion-resistant shaft is especially suited for smaller areas and in case of country-specific provisions according to which only small amounts of water may be discharged.


Throttle shaft for stormwater retention systems made of Rigofill storage/infiltration modules, SickuPipe, MuriPipe, or ground basins. Ideal for systems with very high demands concerning operating reliability and with the need for high discharge performance across all operating stages.


  • Plastic shaft DO 600
  • Material PP
  • Black outside, yellow inside
  • Incl. tube throttle
  • Inlet and outlet diameter DN 250 KG
  • Throttle outlet range of up to 1-10 l/s depending on the head
  • Throttle can be removed and re-inserted


  • Constant discharge performance across all operating conditions
  • High operating reliability thanks to large outlet opening – no risk of blockages
  • Reduction in discharge time – system volume is available for the next rainfall
  • Minimisation of required storage volume
  • Self-activating and solely hydraulically controlled – no external power supply
  • Bottom-aligned installation – no height loss
  • Easy installation
  • Small discharge values can be realised
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • No mechanically moved parts



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