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ASPA-HV – Termination, draw-in and transport fitting

ASPA-HV – Termination, draw-in and transport fitting


The termination fitting with lifting lug, ASPA-HV, is applied at the end of a corrugated conduit and offers the excellent connecting and sealing performance of the FIPLOCK® ONE fitting system. The fittings are specially considerable for seal-tight conduit termination or as a lifting device to hang-up the conduit with applied sensitive and valuable wires and conductors for their protection during transportation. The included borehole at the adapter end takes a hook, rope or similar. Using a pull rope allows easy pulling of the conduit assembly into a machine or an equipment for installation. The fitting is re-usable several times.


Industry, Renewable energies, Railway / transport, track side, Robotics, Ship building, Chemical Industry, Telecommunications, Miscellaneous


  • FIPLOCK® ONE Fittings

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