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AZPA-C - Fitting strain relief straight, click, metric

AZPA-C - Fitting strain relief straight, click, metric


The one-piece cable protection conduit fitting AZPA-C with integrated cable gland for additional strain relief of wires and conductors, with a click system for metric panel holes where lock-nuts can not be applied from the backside. Made of specially modified, free-halogen polyamide 6 is self-extinguishing and resistant against most chemical media commonly used. Due to its excellent UV-resistance, AZPA-C is also perfectly suited for outdoor installations. With the brand new 360° interlocking system and an inside conduit seal, AZPA-C complies with the highest possible protection class IP69 in combination with our FIPLOCK® corrugated conduits. Being delivered pre-assembled and easy to re-open by using a commercially available slotted screwdriver, AZPA-C ensures significant time saving during installation and disassembly.


Industry, Renewable energies, Railway / transport, track side, Robotics, Ship building, Chemical Industry, Telecommunications, Miscellaneous


  • FIPLOCK® ONE Fittings

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