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Tree ventilation and irrigation set


The system includes a 5 m PVC-U corrugated tree ventilation and irrigation pipe, one tee, one Walu end cap and two Walu anchors.


For a permanent ventilation and irrigation of the root zone of existing trees or newly planted groves. Can be irrigated with or without fertiliser.


  • complete system
  • nominal pipe diameter DN 80
  • totally perforated (TP)
  • colour: green
  • easy installation and handling
  • universal cover (Walu end cap) for installation on various surfaces
  • retractable cover for easy watering and nutrient supply
  • vandalism protection for durable stability
  • tree preservation pipe with increased air/water perforation area > 80 cm²/m
  • ideal exchange of air thanks to increased perforation ratio
  • high flexibility allows all kinds of bend radii