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BRPA - Multiple conduit mounting rail


The FIPLOCK® multiple conduit mounting rail BRPA is a space-saving, stackable corrugated conduit mounting support made of specially modified, halogen-free PA6. For installation only one mounting screw or a threaded rod is required and allows pre-locking when the system support base is pushed onto the rod. The base can then be additionally secured with a locknut and the conduits can be applied into the cavities accordingly. The system support cover is simply snapped onto the mounted system support base and securely closed. For stability purpose the BRPA system support is finally fixed with a stainless steel rail. The multiple conduit mounting rail is available in versions with 2, 3 or 4 conduit ducts for conduits available rotatable and axial fixed.


Industry, Renewable energies, Railway / transport, track side, Robotics, Ship building, Chemical Industry, Telecommunications, Miscellaneous


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