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Corrugated tubing - Lockflex profile

Corrugated tubing - Lockflex profile


The slit, sealable specialty profile allows retrofitting cables for protection, even with pre-assembled plugs, and is suitable for automated cable harness assembly.  Catching corrugations overlap to prevent cables from slipping out and render cable wrapping unnecessary. Circular corrugations that are concentrically arranged around the longitudinal axis provide our protective tube with great flexibility and allow installation at small bend radii. Both the corrugated tubing and our matching accessories are self-extinguishing according to FMVSS 302.


Available materials/maximum operating temperature:
with/without fire retardant agent (BS)

PP Lockflex PP-MOD-(BS) 135°C
PA6     Lockflex PA6-MOD-(BS) 140°C
TPE      Lockflex TPE-(BS) 150°C
ETFE Lockflex ETFE-(BS) 200°C



Automotive, for small bending radii, e. g. engine and passenger compartment, body