The DATALIGHT Fibre Kit 100 consists of 100 m Duplex Fibre 2.2 DATALIGHT, four LAN Access Points 2-Port DATALIGHT, a Switch 6+2-Port DATALIGHT and a Cutter.
Use the DATALIGHT Fibre Kit for a future-proof and flexible network installation in new or in existing buildings. With the included four LAN access points up to eight devices can be linked in the network. The included switch delivers even space for later upgrades. Because of the thin and flexible fibre, a network can be installed at any time without big reconstruction work.
Due to the Duplex Fibre DATALIGHT, electrical installation and data network can be installed in a single conduit. This allows also the installation of the fibre through the existing conduit system.

The enclosed cutter allows immediate installation without further special tools.

The optical fibre can theoretical manage bandwiths of over 1 Gbps- even in the far future no change will be necessary.




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