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DATALIGHT SMI Keystone Coupler


Passive, optical connection for all standard installation boxes. This coupler can be integrated in most Keystone-Acceptances and enables plugless connection of DATALIGHT Fibres to a SMI socket. Marks for reverse polarity protection:
R (Receive - transmits the light from the beginning of the link to SMI and coupled device)
T (Transmit - transmits the light from the coupled device and SMI back into the installed cable)
DATALIGHT devices may get connected flexibel and reliable to the optical interface and the network with the help of SMI connection cables.

Application: Installation of various data outlets in each room, flexible empoyment for the user: Connect a WiFi Access Point in the cellar, the guest chamber or at the outside, exactly when WiFi is needed there. Media Converters may establish reliable high speed connections to PC, Server or Gaming Console - today in the kids room, tomorrow in the living room or in the "man cave".