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Furowell Drain

Furowell Drain


Structured-wall (corrugated outside, smooth inside) pole foundation conduit for varied applications.




Installation of all types of poles, masts and rods, e.g. for lamp posts, traffic signs, flag poles, mile markers etc.


  • material: PE-HD
  • colour: black
  • nominal diameters DN 250, DN 300, DN 350 and DN 400
  • lengths: 80 cm, 100 cm and 150 cm


  • quick and easy installation thanks to low weight
  • installation advantages also during the winter
  • high temperature resistance
  • perfectly embedded thanks to corrugation
  • different heights available to meet specific needs
  • can be cut to length, if necessary
  • high stability thanks to structured-wall design
  • protective plug for temporarily sealing and covering
  • during the construction phase
  • easy lateral drilling for connections