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Drainage shaft without sand trap; allows for complete flushability and inspectability of the entire GaLa-drän system.


A component of the GaLa-drän system; for flushing and inspection of gardening, landscaping and sports field drainage.


  • material: PVC-U
  • colour: green
  • DO = 315 mm, DI = 285 mm
  • CCTV inspection and jetting resistance
  • total height: 80 cm
  • highly resistant against impact and pressure
  • 4 DN 200 cuffs incl. 3 DN 200/100 reducers + 3 DN 100/80 reducers + 1 end plug
  • can be extended using extension pipes, depending on installation depth
  • shaft bottom is accessible and can be filled to increase stability and buoyancy
  • including lockable and hard-wearing shaft cover (PP)