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JWPA – Fitting 90° elbow

JWPA – Fitting 90° elbow


The 90° elbow cable protection conduit fitting JWPA for corrugated pipes from nominal width 56 is made of specially modified, halogen-free polyamide 6. The material is self-extinguishing and resistant against most chemical media commonly used. Due to its excellent UV-resistance, JWPA is also perfectly suitable for outdoor installations. Thanks to the considered seals for the corrugated conduit side and the surface in conjunction with the included locking clamps, the connection between the JWPA conduit flange and our FIPLOCK® corrugated conduits, starting from nominal width 56, achieve the highest possible ingress protection class IP69. Easy and safe installation for outstanding connection strength when used with heavy cables and cable bundles.


Industry, Renewable energies, Railway / transport, Track side, Robotics, Ship building, Chemical Industry, Telecommunications, Miscellaneous


  • FIPLOCK® XL Fittings

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