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Kabu®-FESH Set Elektro B

Kabu®-FESH Set Elektro B


Kabu-FESH Set Elektro B, the FRÄNKISCHE building lead-through system for the Electrical Systems division is a one-use building lead-through set for buildings without basement for installation in the foundation slab. The set consists of a high-quality Kabuflex R plus type 750 cable conduit, a wall collar set, 2 sandtight SD end caps, and the leak-tested Kabu-IN DD internal seal for the reliable lead-through of power or telecommunication cables.
This building lead-through is embedded in the foundation slab.

The advantages of the system are the easy installation of the cable conduit up to the utilities room, easy cutting of the conduit at the required height of the floor structure, and the individual adjustment to different cable diameters on site thanks to the segment ring technology of the Kabu-IN DD sealing.

Gas-tightness and water pressure-tightness: types 75 up to 1.5 bar and types 110 up to 1 bar, tested acc. to DVGW VP 601; applications: W1-E according to DIN 18533, waterproof concrete wear class 1 and 2; the system is suited for installations according to TAB 2019, VDE–AR-N 4100, and DIN 18012. CE-compliant and VDE-approved cable conduit according to DIN EN 61386-24 with classification N750.