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Ventilation components for OEMs (HRV)


The round ventilation tube is perfectly suited for applications in unfinished concrete or for installation situations with sufficient installation height.

The flat ventilation tube by FRÄNKISCHE INDUSTRIAL PIPES is perfectly suited for applications in the insulation layer below the screed in unfinished concrete ceilings. Therefore, grouting is no longer necessary in the structural work phase. The flat ventilation tube can thus be installed at the same time as the sanitary and heating system.

The flat tunnel channel is also ideally suitable for remodel or retrofit installation.

Both types of tube are made of polyethylene, are emission- and odor-free, and contain no toxic materials.

As an option, the inner layer (PE-LD or EVA) may be equipped with an antistatic and/or antibacterial additive. Tested and confirmed according to JIS_Z_2081 and EN_ISO_846-A.

Due to the smooth inner layer of the two types of ventilation pipe, it is hard for materials to accumulate, the pipes can be easily cleaned, and there is hardly any agitation. This enables an optimum flow behavior and minimizes noise generation.

It is also possible to develop new specific types of tube according to customer requirements.



Available dimensions:

Round: NW 50, 63, 75, 90

Flat: 52 mm x 132 mm