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MuriPipe unperforated swale pipe

MuriPipe unperforated swale pipe


Unperforated swale pipe:
Transport pipe (UP, type R2) according to DIN 4262-1 and DIN 19666, nominal diameter DN/ID 200, in structured-wall design (corrugated outside, smooth inside), material: polyethylene (PE), colour: green, with coupling, sandtight, length: 6 m, quality-approved.

MuriPipe 200 unperforated swale pipe

  • DN/ID 200, length: 6 m
  • DO = 235 mm, DI = 200 mm


Transport pipe for distributing stormwater runoff and drainage water into gravel swales (pipe swales and/or underdrained swale systems according to DWA-A 138).