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opti-drän® system

opti-drän® system
opti-drän® system
opti-drän® system


Stagnant, dammed-up and seepage water in the soil poses a threat to basement walls. The FRÄNKISCHE opti-drän system ensures permanent and reliable building drainage according to DIN 4095. Perfectly matching components offer the ideal solution for each installation.

The practice-proven system consists of

  • opti-drän straight length drainage pipe
  • opti-control flushing and inspection shaft
  • opti-flor filter fabric

and forms a comprehensive, DIN-compliant, reliable system for planning engineers, users and home owners.


  • complete drainage system
  • proven and reliable for decades
  • easy installation and handling
  • 100 % compliant with DIN 4095
  • certified hydraulic performance
  • inspection and flushing of the complete system possible