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starline® design grills


Starline design grills are a true eyecatcher of heat recovery ventilation systems. As compared to products by other manufacturers, the innovative magnetic fixing ensures easy manual adjustment, and the design grill is reliably attached to the mounting frame. Varying within a wide range of design options is a breeze: simply remove the magnetically attached grill and replace it by a new one! Yet another advantage: profi-air design grills can be installed without any tools in just three simple steps.


  • SHAPE BUSINESS: Glass White Pure
  • SHAPE STYLE: Glass White Pure
  • SHAPE COMPACT: Glass White Pure
  • SHAPE CIRCLE: Glass White Pure
  • LINE: Ground stainless steel, White
  • LINE COMPACT: Ground stainless steel, White
  • PYRAMID: Dark rust bronze, White
  • PYRAMID COMPACT: Dark rust bronze, White
  • AVANTGARDE: Ground stainless steel, White
  • AVANTGARDE COMPACT: Ground stainless steel, White
  • FLORA: Anthracite, White
  • FLORA COMPACT: Anthracite, White
  • Size: 350x130 mm and 160x160 mm
  • Design by sieger design
  • Best of Best award in the ICONIC AWARD Interior Innovation: SHAPE design grills


  • Flexible alignment thanks to unique magnetic fixing
  • Easy installation without any tools
  • Strong connection of the mounting frame thanks to clamps
  • Easy cleaning of the ventilation system
  • Hygienically sound ventilation thanks to integrated filter holder
  • All designs are quite easy to exchange


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