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RailPipe® system

RailPipe® system
RailPipe® system
RailPipe® system
RailPipe® system


RailPipe system – for ideal track drainage

The RailPipe system, consisting of drainage pipe and flushing and inspection shaft, is the first structured-wall pipe system to meet all the standards and requirements of Deutsche Bahn AG and the German Federal Railway Authority (Eisenbahn-Bundesamt, EBA) and can therefore be used for all pressure ranges of the roadbed and track.

With the EBA certification of RailControl and RailPipe, we now offer a sustainable and efficient overall system for all pressure ranges and applications in track drainage. The system convinces with highest quality standards and satisfies all requirements in terms of static capacity, safety, and long-term exposure to stress.

RailPipe and RailControl meet all technical requirements of DBS 918064 and feature HPQ manufacturer-related product qualification. With the recent EBA approval of RailControl, the complete deep drainage system has been certified by the Federal Railway Authority for installation in the internal pressure range.


In particular for track drainage (for all pressure ranges) or for applications with extreme requirements.


  • Can be used in all pressure ranges
  • Satisfies all requirements in terms of long-term exposure to stress, safety, and stability
  • Simple, inexpensive and space-saving construction site logistics



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