The RailControl (HPQ manufacturer-related product qualification) flushing and inspection shaft specifically designed for railway traffic requirements is the ideal addition to the practice-proven RailPipe drainage pipe. Both components have been ideally matched and form a homogeneous and efficiently working overall system providing highest functional reliability for planning engineers, users and builders.

The RailControl flushing and inspection shaft is available as 180° shaft in two basic designs, each with inlet and outlet in nominal connection diameters DN 250 and DN 400. Standard nominal diameters ranging from DN 150 to
DN 300 can be connected using reducers. The one-piece PE shaft bottom features the known advantages of this material: optimum chemical resistance and impact resistance. RailControl with its modular design comprising shaft bottom, extension pipe and adapter was specifically developed according to the specifications of DBS 918064. It also features a fully-fledged raceway. The shaft’s continuous inside diameter of DN 600 allows for easy inspection
and flushing of the connected pipe systems.

RailControl also features the HPQ manufacturer-related product qualification.



  • inside diameter of shaft bottom and extension pipe DN/ID 600
  • resistant to acids, bases, oils and greases acc. to DIN 8075, supplementary sheet 1
  • UV-resistant, longer periods of storage outside possible
  • temperature resistant from –40 to +80 °C
  • extremely hard-wearing
  • extension pipe SN 16, black outside, red inside
  • statically substantiated, structural test by MFPA Leipzig
  • connection of standard covers 625 mm, with standard concrete support rings
  • easy construction site handling
  • fully-fledged raceway in the shaft bottom
  • proof of jetting resistance according to DIN 19523 (material test)