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Rigo®Collect stormwater harvesting

Rigo®Collect stormwater harvesting


DIN 1989 applies to stormwater harvesting systems. It governs design, realisation, operation and maintenance, as well as system components such as filter, storage, and control and feeding units. DIN 1989 recommends using a simulation-based calculation providing a realistic evaluation of annual savings of drinking water, depending on storage volume, on the basis of region-specific rainfall data and estimated consumption in terms of dimensioning stormwater storage tanks.

Modern stormwater harvesting systems reduce water consumption costs and protect the environment. RigoCollect water storage systems are ideally suited for this purpose.

From small to large, stretched, flat or around the corner. No matter if used in toilets or washing machines in multi-family homes, adiabatic air cooling in schools or administrative buildings, cooling towers or treatment facilities in industrial plants – stormwater used for these applications is a resource sent from up above for free. The modular design makes installation easy, even with difficult installation conditions.

Other fields of application:

RigoCollect retention/infiltration units may also be built as systems for stormwater detention with special product-specific adjustments. A combination of different types of usage is possible, and the three functions stormwater detention, stormwater harvesting and quench water storage may be combined in one container, if needed!


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