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Rigofill® ST-B - system Infiltration


The Rigofill ST-B system features universal components for infiltration, retention and storage of stormwater runoff. It is easy to install, camera-accessible and space-saving.

The stackability of the Rigofill ST-B blocks allows for storing them even in confined construction space with minimum space requirements outside or inside the excavation pit. Its space-saving storage close to the point of installation, its extra low weight and the multifunctional connections allow for quick, easy and reasonably priced installations.

The Rigofill ST-B full bock provides a storage volume of 406 liters with a gross volume of 422 liters. With > 96 % storage volume it stores three times as much water as gravel swales – the ideal alternative to gravel swales which require much space and extensive excavation. Transparent system

The unique transparent and cross-shaped design of the inspection tunnel of the Rigofill ST-B block makes the entire inside of the block visible. For example, the load-bearing elements, the condition of the geotextile and the entire soil area can be viewed.

The integrated QuadroControl ST-B shafts and their generously dimensioned diameter allow unobstructed access "from above". Camera dollies can easily be positioned to achieve optimum inspection results. The two components of Rigofill ST and QuadroControl ST-B provide excellent possibilities for inspecting the interior of the system at any time.

A comprehensive range of accessories makes the Rigofill ST-B system a unique complete system for stormwater management.



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