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Polypropylene (PP) geotextile. Unparalleled combination of excellent water permeability, great thickness and ideal opening width; ensures long-term effectiveness of the filter. CE certified according to DIN EN 13252

Key data:
width:                                       ≥ 2 mm puncture
resistance:                                2.0 kN
geotextile class:                        3
characteristics opening width:      0.08 mm
kv-value (for 20 kPa):               6 x 10-2 m/s
water permeability
according to EN ISO 11058:        90 l/sm²
mass per unit area:                  200 g/m²

Available sizes:

  • W x L = 4 x 50 m = 200 m²
  • W x L = 4 x 25 m = 100 m²
  • W x L = 4 x 10 m = 40 m²


Special geotextile lining for infiltration systems and for swale sheathing. Suitable for pipe swales, underdrained swale systems and detention/infiltration systems.