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Rigo®Limit V


Plastic shaft DO 600, extension pipe with black outside and yellow inside for optimum inspectability. Inlet diameter DN 200 KG. Outlet diameter DN 250 KG.  Vortex outlet range depends on the head of 0.5 l/s to 80 l/s. Easy adjustment to changed discharge conditions thanks to the exchangeable orifice. Ready-to-connect delivery, easy integration into the drainage system.


Throttle shaft for a controlled discharge of stormwater from stormwater storage systems, such as Rigofill inspect, SickuPipe, MuriPipe or ground basins. Due to the operation principle of vortex technology coupled with a large cross-sectional discharge opening and a self-cleaning effect, it is ideally suited for systems with very high demands concerning operating reliability and with the need for high drain efficiency through all operating stages. Self-activating without external power supply, no moveable parts.



Topic Discharge

Topic Discharge
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