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Robukan® SMR system

Robukan® SMR system
Robukan® SMR system
Robukan® SMR system
Robukan® SMR system
Robukan® SMR system


Sewer pipe system for municipal and domestic property drainage in the gravity system. Perfectly matching components and distinctive installation markings for wastewater or stormwater offer the perfect solution for each installation.

The practice-proven system consists of

  • Robukan SMR SN 8 and SN 16 sewer pipes
  • RobuControl and RainControl inspection and flushing shafts
  • RobuDock 90° connector
  • Saddle 90° connector

and forms a complete, DIN-compliant system with absolute reliability for planning engineers and home owners.


  • structured-wall pipe according to DIN EN 13476
  • DN 150 - DN 600 accessories included
  • 2 application-specific ring stiffness classes: SN 16 and SN 8
  • distinctive, permanent installation markings
  • retrofit connection
  • system provides leak tightness up to 2.4 bar
  • certified leak tightness according to EN 1277
  • certified jetting resistance according to DIN 19523
  • easy installation and handling



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