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SediPipe® 800

SediPipe® 800
SediPipe® 800
SediPipe® 800
SediPipe® 800
SediPipe® 800
SediPipe® 800
SediPipe® 800
SediPipe® 800
SediPipe® 800
SediPipe® 800


In case of SediPipe 800, inlet and outlet are same level. This allows minimum installation depths of the drainage pipe and/or the downstream systems. The inlet at the start segment is 360 degrees rotatable. The inlet and outlet diameter is DN/OD 400. The flow direction can be adjusted to a desired angle between 90° and 270° on site. The system can therefore be easily adapted to on-site requirements. With soil temperatures up to 23° C, depending on installation temperatures, the stability of the system has been designed for a maximum installation depth of 6 m, including groundwater of 5 m over the lowest component. The minimum depth of the system derives from the minimum required distance between the pipe crown of the inlet channel and the bottom edge of the BARD ring of 35 cm. When using a conventional class D cover without equalisation ring with a connection DN/OD 400, this corresponds to an inlet channel soil depth of 1.10 m.

SediPipe 800

  • Sedimentation of coarse and fine particles
  • Retention of light liquids in case of dry weather (spills)
  • Classification in ATV-DVWK-M 153: System types D21, D24, D25
  • Determination of pass-through values according to ATV-DVWK-M 153
  • Preventing remobilisation
  • Functionality of the flow separator
  • Performance verification and dimensioning using a specifically developed verification procedure according to Section DWA-A 102-2/BWK-A 3-2, (residence time method")

The system is comprised of a SediPipe 800 basic set and, depending on the sewer depth, a connection and joint piece set and the covers to be supplied on site.

Components basic set:

  • Start segment DN 800 incl. sedimentation path
  • Target segment DN 800 incl. sedimentation path
  • Depending on the length, additional sedimentation pipe with lower flow separator DN 800 incl. required couplings and profile sealing rings
  • Outlet bend DN 400
  • Incl. profile sealing rings

Components connection set for sewer depths up to 2.5 m and greater than 2.5 m:

  • Inlet set for start segment with coupling and extension pipe DN 600
  • Extension pipe for target segment DN 600
  • Extension pipe for outlet bend DN 300
  • Incl. profile sealing rings
  • Incl. 2x class D BARD rings
  • Tee for outlet with connection DN/OD 400
  • Shaft cover CW 410, class D 400 without ventilation openings, incl. concrete support ring

SediPipe 800/12
SediPipe 800/16
SediPipe 800/18
SediPipe 800/20
SediPipe 800/22
SediPipe 800/24
SediPipe 800/26
SediPipe 800/28
SediPipe 800/30
SediPipe 800/32
SediPipe 800/34
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SediPipe 800/40
SediPipe 800/42
SediPipe 800/44
SediPipe 800/46
SediPipe 800/48


For the treatment of polluted stormwater runoff for large areas. The systems separate washed-up particles and light liquids (oil) from stormwater and reliably retain these materials in the system, even in case of spills in dry weather.