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SediPoint implements the flow separator technology in a unique way and requires little space: The sedimentation collector with spiral water flow transfers the shaft design technology to minimum space requirements. From the inlet water coils upwards counterclockwise, fine particles sink down to the sediment.

The two patented flow separators create an area with little water movement to control the sediment. Light particles rise upwards where they are retained by the immersion pipe. The integrated bypass protects the sewer network from flooding during heavy rains. SediPoint is absolutely reliable even in case of oil spills: The immersion pipe in the shaft retains light liquids such as oil reliably in the system in dry weather. The optional connection set allows access to the outside bypass of a drop structure for inspection and maintenance. The pre-fabricated set including cover allows quick work at construction sites (no selection of accessories).

Lightweight and durable PP shaft DN 600, black outside, yellow inside, for optimum inspectability. Designed for standard shaft covers CW 610 to be supplied on site Inlet diameter DN 200 KG spigot, outlet diameter DN 315 KG spigot, as reducer on site as required. Integrated bypass DN 315 KG spigot. High-pressure cleaning can be used to clean the shaft. Long maintenance interval of 2 years.


As type D25, D24 and D21 sedimentation system according to DWA M 153 bulletin for the treatment of polluted stormwater runoff and for the retention of light liquids in case of spills in dry weather. Ideal for new systems and retrofitting in confined space above and below ground through existing media. Treatment performance proven by the TÜV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH.