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SediSubstrator® XL


SediSubstrator XL systems have been designed and tested according to the approval requirements of the German Institute for Building Technology (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt)). They have been approved by the General Building Authority (DIBt approval Z-84.2-11).

They are used to treat heavily polluted stormwater runoff from traffic areas. The treatment performance allows for downstream infiltration of stormwater into underground storage/infiltration systems. Up to 1,500 to 3,000 m² of traffic area can be connected to each system.

The substrate cartridge is furnished with SediSorp plus adsorption substrate characterised by extremely high binding capacity. SediSorp plus is quality-monitored and has been awarded the DIBt compliance label (Ü mark of conformity) for use in SediSubstrator L and XL.

AFS63 efficiency 80 % acc. to Section 6.1.2 DWA-A 102-2/BWK-A 3-2

SediSubstrator XL stormwater treatment system consisting of:

  • 1 start shaft DN 1000
  • 1 sedimentation path DN 600, lengths: 12, 18, 24 m
  • 1 target shaft DN 1000 incl. substrate cartridge

SediSubstrator  XL 600/12

  • for connected areas up to 1.500 m²

SediSubstrator  XL 600/18

  • for connected areas up to 2.250 m²

SediSubstrator  XL 600/24

  • for connected areas up to 3.000 m²

SediSubstrator XL 12+12 stormwater system consisting of:

  • 2 start shafts DN 1000
  • 2 sedimentation paths DN 600, length: 12 m each
  • 1 target shaft DN 1000 incl. substrate cartridge

SediSubstrator  XL 600/12+12

  • for connected areas up to 2 x 1.500 m²


Treatment of polluted stormwater runoff from trafficked areas upstream of subsoil infiltration.


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Topic Treatment
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