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StrabuControl® 600

StrabuControl® 600


Flushing and inspection shaft with a base body inside diameter of greater than 600 mm and approx. 825 mm height. Available nominal connection diameters of Strabusil and StormPipe pipes are DN 100 to DN 400 and Strasil DN 100 to DN 350. The extension pipe has a nominal diameter of DO 600.


2 connections DN 250
2 connections DN 400
2 connections DN 250 - 150 (90°)
2 connections DN 400 - 150 (90°)



  • Standard nominal diameters ranging from DN 100 to DN 350 can be connected using reducers
  • The low height allows a soil depth of at least 1.0 m
  • Open flume
  • Also perfectly suited as a swale infiltration shaft
  • Standard 625 mm shaft covers can be used
  • monolithic product made of PE-HD
  • particularly easy to handle at construction sites thanks to the low weight
  • extremely durable, robust and hard-wearing
  • resistant against oils, acids, bases, greases, gasoline, diesel, fuel acc. to DIN 8075
  • high UV resistance
  • for maintenance and inspection of connected systems
  • edgeless design inside
  • compact design and shallow building depths
  • decoupling of forces from the extension pipe and the cover
  • integrated compensating area