Fuel tank ventilation systems


Our range of fuel tank ventilation products includes all lines, ranging from in-tank vent lines, connectors between fuel tank and suction device to receiving lines, flushing lines and return lines to the activated charcoal filter. Corrugated tube systems / multilayer tube systems that ensure safe operation and a leak-tight connection are designed to customers specification and fitted with integrated valves and fully mounted quick connectors. The systems are flame retardant, withstand temperatures up to 140°C and provide high mechanical strength.


Available materials / maximum operating temperature:

PA6 120°C
PA11 120°C
PA12 120°C
PA612 140°C

2-, 3-, 4- or 5-layer design

Other materials available upon request


Automotive, agricultural machinery and construction engines; in tanks; air intake and air conveyance, flushing lines, return lines