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Distribution pipe system

Distribution pipe system
Distribution pipe system


The outlet situation can be implemented ideally thanks to the distribution pipe system DN 800 starting from 2 SediPipe/SediSubstrator treatment systems planned in parallel. This system's modular structure and hydraulic efficiency allow – depending on the characteristics of the collection area – the connection of multiple treatment systems.

System consisting of:

  • Distribution pipes and collector pipes in two lengths and different connection variants
  • Inlet/outlet connection sets for the treatment systems
  • Extension pipe for inspection shaft


For the connection of multiple SediPipe / SediSubstrator stormwater treatment systems in parallel.


  • Designed for SediPipe/SediSubstrator treatment systems
  • Distribution pipe elements DN 800
  • 2 or 3 connections DN 300 for treatment systems
  • Inspection shaft DO 600
  • Shaft lining for concrete shafts


  • Pre-assembled, simple and modular system
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Matched product components, also for complex local conditions
  • Simple and quick installation, therefore, short construction time
  • In stock at FRÄNKISCHE and thus quickly available



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