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Distribution shaft base shaft start/target


The distribution shaft DN 600 has only one design and can thus be used as start shaft and target shaft.

The shaft consists of a base shaft with the following connections:

  • 1 connection DN 400 KG inlet and/or outlet
  • 2 connections DN 200 inlet and/or outlet treatment systems
  • 1 connection DN 400 bypass

You can extend the shaft using the shaft extension DN 600 and coupling.

  • Diffusor grill for distribution start shaft


  • Distribution shaft DN 600;
  • 1.52 m total height;
  • 1 x DN 400 KG inlet / outlet;
  • 2 x DN 200 treatment systems connections;
  • 1 x DN 400 bypass connection;
  • incl. BARD ring and temporary construction site cover