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The supporting grid


The supporting grid – for increased requirements

The supporting grid was designed to expand the range of applications for increased requirements, e.g., for cases of groundwater outside the system or multiple-layer systems with high installation depths. Installation situations like these lead to increased horizontal loads on the storage/infiltration system and installation limits being restricted significantly.

This led to the development of an additional supporting element for the Rigofill ST designs, i.e., the so-called supporting grid. The supporting grid features a honeycomb design and exactly matches the column structure of the two half elements. It is installed between two half base elements. The additional support increases the horizontal strength by
approx. 60 %, thus allowing a significant expansion of the installation limits.

Increased strength for the storage/infiltration system

  • when installed in groundwater
  • high installation depths
The supporting grid is available for any Rigofill ST design and will be supplied in the respective module colour. The supporting grid is illustrated here in grey for reasons of clarification only.


  • for Rigofill ST Full block
  • for Rigofill ST-B Full block
  • for QuadroControl ST
  • for QuadroControl ST-B
  • W x D x H = 800 x 37.5 x 800 mm