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Reliable protection for railway technology

Industrial cable protection FIPSYSTEMS®,Industrial cable protection FIPSYSTEMS®
Reliable protection for railway technology

Safety is the top priority in railway traffic engineering. Especially for means of transport, millions of people are using every day, only the best is good enough: A wide range of approved products from the FIPSYSTEMS cable protection range from FRÄNKISCHE Industrial Pipes (FIP) ensures reliable fire protection and maximum mechanical and dynamic load-bearing capacity Cables and wires, both inside the trains and outside.

The high-quality FIPSYSTEMS protection products meet the stringent requirements of railway technology: they are mechanically strong, durably weather-resistant and have optimum fire protection properties. They fully comply with the fire protection specifications of the EN 45545-2 material testing standard valid throughout Europe since April 2016 for all materials used in rail vehicles. Our products for flame-retardant cable protection in requirements R22 and R23 achieve the Hazardous Level HL 3, the highest safety rating that applies, for example, to sleeping and bistro cars. In addition, the FIP is certified according to the International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS), so it meets the particularly high railway demands on business processes and product availability.