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Carlsberg Byen, Copenhagen

Stormwater management
Carlsberg Byen, Copenhagen
Carlsberg Byen, Copenhagen
Carlsberg Byen, Copenhagen

Carlsberg Byen, Copenhagen
Stormwater retention with Rigofill ST and pretreatment using SediPipe XL plus

HOFOR Vand Dragor A/S


Building company:
Thomas Jorgensen

The Carlsberg Byen city district has been developed on the former brewery premises in the centre of Copenhagen. Flawless architectural design makes historic and modern buildings merge into one harmonious unity. An urban area with apartments, offices, manifold shopping facilities, sports and cultural centres emerges in the centre of  openhagen. The modular design made possible with them allows easy adjustment of the basin geometry to the  surface available. High load capacity, simplicity of installation that eventually reduces construction time, as well as inspectability of the basin made the decision to go with the Rigofill ST storage system an easy one. To protect the storage basin from soiling, a SediPipe XL plus was installed upstream to ideally support the processes of  sedimentation by means of its unique flow separator. This way, the required oil retention in case of spills is achieved, which has been confirmed by testing according to EN858.

Facts & figures:

  • Net storage volume of the retention basin of approx. 1,500 m³ Sealing with EPDM geomembrane
  • Stormwater treatment and removal of sediment and oil in case of spills; separation performance in accordance with EN858, class 1

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