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Harrislee, B 200 reconstruction

Stormwater treatment,Stormwater management
Harrislee, B 200 reconstruction
Harrislee, B 200 reconstruction
Harrislee, B 200 reconstruction

RigoCollect® stormwater retention with SediPipe® XL 600/12 as a pretreatment system

Following the dismantling of the old customs yard at the Kupfermühle/Kruså border crossing point, the extensive redesign of the border crossing area had been planned. SediPipe XL 600/12 was installed as a pretreatment step to clean the polluted stormwater runoff. The sedimentation system was structurally arranged upstream of the RigoCollect basin. The system is very user-friendly in terms of maintenance intervals and implementation – this can be done completely from outside.

RigoCollect stormwater retention basin:

The design was implemented as a RigoCollect system consisting of Rigofill inspect storage blocks and QuadroControl shafts, wrapped in impermeable plastic geomembrane. The throttled discharge is controlled via RigoLimit V, a downstream vortex throttle shaft.


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