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Køge Nord, Det Grønne Strøg

Stormwater treatment,Stormwater treatment
Køge Nord, Det Grønne Strøg
Køge Nord, Det Grønne Strøg
Køge Nord, Det Grønne Strøg

KLAR Forsyning A/SVasebækvej
404600 Køge

EnviDan A/S
Vejlsøvej 23, 8600 Silkeborg

Schønherr A/S
Nørrebrogade 45 E, 2200 København N

Polyplan GmbH
Überseetor 14, 28217 Bremen

Building company:
G. Tscherning A/S
Guldalderen 322640 Hedehusene

Stormwater treatment of the connected traffic and roof areas

In the upcoming years, a new urban district of approx. 190 ha will be developed near the new railway station with office and residential buildings and a new industrial park. Office buildings and the associated parking lots are planned in a relatively small area north of the new railway station. A public green space called "Det Grønne Strøg" which will also be used for stormwater retention will be developed between the parking lots and the buildings. Due to strict environmental regulations, the stormwater will initially be pre-treated by SediPipe before it enters the retention soil filters and is finally discharged into the river.

The treatment performance of the SediPipe systems is based on the principle of sedimentation. The stretched and compact sedimentation chamber ensures short times and distances until dirt particles settle and guarantees an optimised treatment performance. The patented flow separator prevents the remobilisation of the sediment already settled even in case of heavy rains.

Even light liquids, e.g., oil, are retained in case of spills based on the coalescence principle using the second flow separator and the immersion pipe in the target shaft. The discharge values correspond to those of a class I oil separator according to DIN EN 858-1.

On the one hand, KLAR Forsyning decided in favour of using SediPipe because it can be installed in road surfaces with low covers. On the other hand, because the effective pre-treatment of the stormwater protects the retention soil filters against coarse particles such as sand and also against very fine grain fractions.

Facts & figures:

  • 10 SediPipe L plus 600/6 for stormwater treatment

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