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Modern owner-occupied flats in Cottbus

Drinking water and heating installations,Heat recovery ventilation
Modern owner-occupied flats in Cottbus

What used to be a supermarket in Cottbus-Schmellwitz in Brandenburg turned into eight modern owner-occupied flats in September 2017. Terraces, gardens, parking facilities and a playground gentrify the outdoor area. The age-appropriate flats on the ground floor of the two-storey solid old building boast a total area of almost 845 m² and are full of trend-setting advanced technology:

The KfW energy-efficiency building is equipped with profi-air, the complete system for heat recovery ventilation.

In addition to this, plumbing and heating installation was performed with the alpex system. To this end, robust alpex F50 PROFI straight length pipes in the dimensions of 16 and 32 mm as well as flexible coiled pipes between 16 and 26 mm were opted for. The alpex L multilayer composite pipe system in large dimensions of 40 and 50 mm was also used.

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